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As youths' Motivational Speaker and Teenage Mentor, Chioma Iheukwuemere is a compelling and influential individual who has impacted lives of youths and teenagers in schools, churches, prisons and rehabs. She is determined to recapture the future through her cleer explicit speeches and one-on-one mentoring.

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Books by chioma

Understanding the Adolescents

According to record, global population of youths, between 1997 and 2017, grew by 139 million. Youths are the future.

They hold the key to the future. It is vital to be aware of the potential of young people to change the world for better, and highlights the challenges and problems they face. Young people are ready for the fast technological development.

If adolescents’ distinctive lifestyles and problems are understood, it will be a lot easier to help them face the future with confidence. This book lays bare the uniqueness of adolescents; mood, lifestyles, and challenges.

It explains how these can affect their habits, behaviours and ambition generally and how to handle emotional challenges such as, controlling impulses and lots more.

Exposing The Shameful Face Of Drug Addiction

The world is under the siege of the epidemic of drug addiction. Drug addiction is no.1 public health challenge in the world today. Drug addiction is causing alarming rate of deaths every year from every community; the suburb, towns, cities and rural country communities. Drug addiction is not just about being addicted to illicit drugs. Most people are addicted to prescription drugs, and this is claiming many lives. Research shows that in the last decade the number of adults who are misusing prescription drugs have doubled and tripled for kids. The objective of this book is to rescue those lost in addiction and prevent other from falling into the trap. This book has four sections. Section one helps people understand addiction. This is because despite the alarming rate of deaths caused by drug misuse/addiction, many still indulge in doing drugs. Section two discloses why drugs have taken over children and adolescents in this digital age. According to the report of National Institute on drug abuse, illicit drug use among kids is increasing greatly. There is urgent need to diminish this number. Section three shows emotional, social, physical, and health consequences drugs can impose on someone. There is increase of rape, child abuse, domestic violence and deaths as a result of drugs. Section four outlines strategies to overcome drug addiction and practical step by step guides to cope with recovery and cravings. This section provides realistic ways to address drug dependence/ addiction and reason why some people relapse after years of sobriety. Drug addiction does not mind gender, status, rich, poor or race.

Adolescents and Mental Health

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicidal cravings is one of the causes of drug misuse and addiction in children.

Adolescents’ mood is full of negativity and search for identity. This book lists out different scenario that causes mental health disorder in adolescents.

It teaches human, intelligent, social and emotional skills that will help them negative this turbulent water of complexities that could cause mental health disorder.

It enlists solutions for mental health, such as using natural mood boosters to improve mood and relieve stress and anxiety.

A-Z Teenage Mentoring

A-Z is a book that will help teenager’s trive in their transition to adulthood. It has 10 exclusive chapters.

Each chapter addresses a common challenge teenage encounter on their journey to adulthood such as, how to overcome controlling impulses and negative peer pressure, how to be a master of their integrity, how to make career choice, set goal and achieve goals, creating their future, souring like the eagle, financial education and the critical factors for success.

At the end every chapter are advice to teens and parents on practical steps to take to get the desired result.

This book aims at helping teenagers discover their unique identities, make conscious choices to protect their integrity and work towards the future they desire.

Go to the Ants

‘Go to the Ants’ is a powerful book that teaches inimitable life lessons.

This book communicates, motivates, and inspires young ones to have definiteness of purpose, set goals and strive to achieve their set goals.

It instils loads of lessons from the ants, such as, lesson on discipline, order, diligent, focus, and more.

Drug Education and Prevention for schools

Records show that drugs misuse among children is rapidly increasing.

Educating school children about drugs is a great way to create awareness about the harmful effect of drug misuse and addiction among children.

This book reveals how drugs affect the brain reward system and alter the natural functioning of the brain which leads to drug cravings and addiction.

It enumerates strategies they can use to elude themselves from becoming victims of drugs addiction, and communicates dangerous consequences of drugs on children health, emotions, social life and academics. If you tell a child to avoid something you must tell him/her what and why he/she should avoid that thing.

Letting them know how people die or ruin their lives with drugs will make them keep away from drug and by implication preventing these children from becoming future addicts.

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